CEO's Message

I wish to send out a realistic but optimisitc message, one that is rigorous but borne forward also by a project for the future; and above all, one that is with no compromise regarding the fact that we owe our staff, our clients and our stakeholders.

Here at MGI our team strongly believes in the fact that quantity never weighs out quality. I as the Chairman of this group would say that whatever MGI is today is not due to the efforts of a single soul, MGI is not only a conglomerate but it is a family and here at MGI we operate like a family. This is what has made this company one of the leading conglomerates of South Asia.

As Alfred A. Montapert once quoted: "All lasting business is built on friendship" and in the same way we believe that every entity that is affiliated with Mujahid Group of Industries is of great value to the company.

Sheikh Muhammad Ikram
Mujahid Group of Industries